Bleached Knots VS Unbleached Knots: What is the Difference

When you are planning to purchase a human hair lace wig, you may be faced with the decision of choosing a "bleached knot" or an "unbleached knot" option. For beginners, they may not even know the difference between the two, and you may not even know what bleach is. Today in this blog, we will discuss what wig knots are and the difference between bleached knots and unbleached knots.

bleached knots wig vs unbleached knots wig

What are Wig Knots

All human hair lace wigs are hand-tied by workers to each hair strand on lace base holes. A wig knot is a knot made when a single strand of hair is tied to a lace base. It is easily visible and looks like black dots, contributing to the unnatural appearance. So, we should bleach the knots into a lighter hue to make them less noticeable (light-colored wigs won't have this problem). As shown in the picture below, these obvious black dots are the wig knots at the lace base holes.what are wig knots

Why Bleach Knots on Lace Wig

To make these knots less visible to the naked eye, the knots need to be bleached to a lighter color. Bleached knots make lace wigs look more natural as if the hair is growing directly from the scalp rather than protruding from a cluster of knots. This process can eliminate the appearance of dark dots on the knots, enhancing the naturalness. It is worth noting that if your wig is a 613 blonde wig, you can skip this step. Because the knots on light blonde hair are also light. No additional bleaching treatment is required. Most wig wearers prefer to go to a professional salon for bleaching and customizing their lace fronts to achieve the perfect look after they receive their brand-new lace frontal. However, some experienced individuals choose to bleach their wigs at home. If you want to try bleaching your wig on your own, you can read this article: How To Bleach Wig Knots: A Beginner-Friendly Tutorial to help you better understand and learn the correct steps for bleaching knots.

Why Bleach Knots on Lace Wig

Bleached Knots VS Unbleached Knots: What is the Difference

1. Appearance
Bleached Knots: When the knots are bleached, the knots appear lighter and closer to your natural scalp color, and the lace is able to melt better for a seamless look.

Unbleached Knots: Unbleached knots have not been chemically treated to lighten their color. They are very noticeable on lace, especially HD lace, and when viewed up close look like little black dots attached to the roots of the hair. If you are going to attend a formal occasion or work as a model, we recommend that you choose the bleached knots wig.

2. Convenient
Bleach Knots: Pre-bleached wigs look as if the hair is growing from the scalp. As a result, they typically require less maintenance to make a wig or lace forehead look natural. This saves time and energy when styling and wearing the wig.

Unbleached Knots: Darker knots are more noticeable and can be easily spotted, especially when the hair is parted. If you don’t bleach, you also need other techniques to hide, which is more time-consuming. This article introduces some alternative methods without bleaching. You will find that even the simplest methods require extra time and processing.

3. Lifespan
Bleached Knots: A lot of chemicals are included in the bleaching powder, which will weaken the internal structure of hair roots and probably result in hair breakage. Therefore, they are not as durable as unbleached knot wigs, however, with appropriate maintenance they can also last 1-2 years.

Unbleached Knots: Unbleached knots may have a slightly longer usage life since they haven't undergone bleaching treatment.

Pre-bleached wigs typically have a slightly higher price than unbleached wigs due to the additional step required in the bleaching process for these visible knots. In order to make the wig look more natural, this is a step that cannot be omitted. Even if you don't bleach it, you still need other methods to hide it, which is also time-consuming and labor-intensive. It can be said that bleaching is a once and for all choice. Wig beginners might find it difficult to get the hang of the technique and run the risk of over-bleaching. For a hassle-free and dependable solution, we therefore heartily advise getting pre-bleached wigs.

Bleached Knots VS Unbleached Knots: What is the Difference

Where to Buy Pre-bleached Wigs

If you are looking to purchase pre-bleached wigs, one advisable choice is OQ Hair. OQ Hair is known for offering various types of human hair wigs with premium quality at affordable prices.

There are two types of pre-bleached wigs you can choose, one is traditional lace front bleached knots wigs and another type is wear go glueless bleached knots wigs. With OQ Hair pre-bleached wigs, achieving a flawless natural look has never been easier. Whether you are new to wig-wearing or a seasoned wig lover, you will be stunned by the attention to detail we put into every wig. Shop at the OQ Hair online store, buy now, and pay later!

oq hair pre plucked lace wigs with bleached knots

Final Word

If you prefer a more natural appearance, bleaching the knots is an indispensable step. But if you need a lower-maintenance wig, not bleached knots may be better for you because the hair strands may be more secure. Whichever you prefer, you'll find the right choice for you at OQ Hair, we offer professional bleached knot options as well as unbleached wigs. Happy wig shopping!