What is an M-Cap Wig-The Most Detailed Guide

It has been more than half a year since the launch of m cap wig. This new product designed and developed by OQ Hair has been well received by consumers. However, some customers who have just come into contact with it or are hesitant do not know much about this innovative revolutionary product. Today we will introduce everything about it to you in detail.

what does m-cap wig mean

What is an M-Cap Wig

M-Cap wig is a type of glueless lace wig launched by OQ Hair which enhances and builds upon their original 4x6 wear go glueless wigs. It is called m-cap wig because of its unique design, which will bring you a magical wearing experience.

This wig features with a 9x6 HD lace size, allowing more parting space. Whether you prefer side-swept looks, half up half down styles, high messy buns, low ponytail, or braided hairstyles, ensures a naturally appearance. The extended lace area prevents the wig's weft from being exposed, maintaining a seamless and realistic look.

9x6 lace area

Moreover, this wig saves you the trouble of customization because it has pre-cut lace, pre-plucked hairline, pre-bleached tiny knots (1 hair strand per lace hole, like hair grow directly from scalp, more natural look). This is one of the reasons why it is also called pre-everything wig.

natural hairline

Not only that, the biggest highlight of this wig is the unique cap design. The widened anti-slip strap and removable combs (add or not according to your habits) ensure that the wig will not slip off easily. The mimic forehead contour of the front of the cap ensures a sung fit and the lace will not curl up. At the same time, the designer has created an original c-shape ear design, which can reduce the pressure on your head caused by long-term wearing, and is very friendly to glasses wearers. This wig has been favored and praised by many customers since its launch. If you are hesitant, you might as well try it, it will definitely not let you down.

sung fit m-cap wig

Key Features of M-Cap Wig

100% Virgin Unprocessed Human Hair
9x6 Lace Area Larger Lace Size
Pre-Everything(no glue installation,pre-cut lace, pre-bleached knots, pre-plucked hairline)
Breathable Materials High Ventilation
C-Shape Ear Design
4X Secure Fit

How to Install And Style M-Cap Wig

M-Cap Wig Real Customer Reviews

03/29/2024 Jameelah Abdoulaye
I absolutely loveee my wig!! I was so scared to order online but I wasn't disappointed at all ! The shipping was pretty fast can't wait to get it installed

03/25/2024 Samantha Jouthe
Love this wig!!!! This is my first glueless wig. To be honest it's my first wig period. I was skeptical at first because when I first heard of this website it was through influencers on TikTok, and a lot of people were saying only influencers get the best wigs, which in this case was not true! All you got to do is use some mouse, a leave in and shingle method and you're good to go. Hair is full and so much beautiful in person. Will be purchasing another wig soon.

03/21/2024 Samria Brown
I bought my first m-cap glueless wig from OQHair last month and I was so happy with my purchase!! Such great quality hair, so worth the money spent. I loved my hair so much that I bought another wig and a glueless lace wig all within 3 weeks of my first purchase. The price verses quality is amazing.

03/19/2024 Brittany Ross
24 inch deep wave (10 stars if possible)
Love love love it! OQ HAIR IS AMAZING!! IM AM NOT SPONSORED THIS IS NOT A PAID REVIEW. I'm a real customer who happen to love my wig... baybeeeeee you betta get you one of these.... lace where???? So easy to install. It's super full, minimal shedding, but most IMPORTANTLY the lace is lacing...... this wig DEFINITELY understood the assignment

05/01/2024 Tiffany
Very Beginner Friendly
I don't wear wigs often but I wanted to try out a new look so chose this hair. It was amazing! The texture and quality was great and the lace was easy to melt down. Best of all I didn't need those un-natural looking baby hairs. I would buy from this company again especially since the wig was easy to style myself and had a natural looking hairline with little effort.

Final Words

I hope this article can help you have a deeper understanding of m-cap wig. Recently, OQ Hair is holding a mid-year promotion. If you are planning to invest in a new wig in the near future, this is a great shopping opportunity. Use the code summer at checkout to get an additional 23% discount. Happy wig shopping!

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