Wet And Wavy Wigs

What is OQ Hair Wet And Wavy Wig?

An OQ Hair wet and wavy wig is a wig that can switch between curly and straight hair freely. By simply using water or heat tools, you can easily change the wig from bouncy curls to smooth straight hair and back to curly hair.

Key Features of Wet And Wavy Wig

  • Easy to Transform: Switch between wavy and straight hair with little effort.
  • Multiple Styles: Available in a variety of lengths and curls to suit different styling preferences. Suitable for everyday wear or special occasions, it provides comfort and a stylish look.
  • Easy to Maintain: Designed to be low-maintenance, it can maintain its charm through multiple styling changes.

Choosing Wet and Wavy wigs, you can enjoy the freedom of changing your hairstyle without multiple wigs or frequent visits to the beauty salon. Simply use water or heat tools to easily achieve the style you want.

How to Transform Wet And Wavy Wig

From Straight to Curly Hair

Wet with Water: Wet the wig with a spray bottle, or gently wet the wig under the tap.

Pinch Curls: Gently pinch the wig with your hands to help form curls or waves.

Air Dry or Use a Diffuser: Let the wig air dry naturally, or use a hair dryer diffuser on low to dry the hair to maintain the curls.

From Curly to Straight Hair
Use Heat Tools: Straighten the wig with a flat iron or straightener, with the temperature set at low to medium.

Protect Products: Spray heat protection spray before using heat tools to prevent hair damage.