Water Wave Vs Deep Wave:What Is The Difference

Water wave and deep wave have always been the most popular wig and hair extension textures on the market for a long time. However, it is not easy for beginners to distinguish them. Even if they seem and sound similar, there are clear distinctions between them. We will introduce a thorough comparison of these two today.

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What Is Water Wave Hair

Water wave describes the texture of hair which looks like ripples in fluid water, typified by loose, gentle wavy curls. It is also called the perfect summer hair because it combines wavy and curly hair, making it perfect for those who desire a natural and sunshine beachy vibe. Many people choose this textured wig in hot season because it’s suited for getting a wet hair look. Wet hair has been very popular in recent years, and the choice of celebrities and influencers has also increased its popularity. The texture of water waves is very suitable for creating a wet look. Also, it's super easy to apply; just need to mix 2 pumps of leave-in conditioner and 500 ml of water in a spray bottle, then spray the mixture on your hair. You'll get a hairstyle that's different from the dry state. Remember to use human hair wigs for a more natural look and styling options.
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What Is Deep Wave Hair

The other name for deep wave hair is deep curly hair. Compared to water wave hair, it has tighter, more defined curls. The waves are typically smaller, closer together and have a more pronounced "S" shape pattern. You can observe the picture below, to some extent, this texture is more orderly.

deep wave hair picture

Water Wave Vs Deep Wave: What Is The Difference

1. Hair Curls Pattern 

As mentioned before, water wave hair has loose and soft curls, while deep wave hair has tighter and more defined curls. Furthermore, water wave hair has a reverse curl pattern, whereas deep wave hair has a single orientation and is generally flatter. The water wave's curl pattern is not unidirectional. Thus water wave hair tends to have a lightweight touching feel, while deep waves look heavier in appearance.

2. Maintenance

No matter what kind of texture it is, certain maintenance is necessary for human hair. However, in comparison, deep wave hair requires more careful maintenance in order to maintain this more orderly and elastic wave. Using defined curls cream is necessary for deep wave hair, while water wave hair requires more attention to prevent frizz.

Water Wave Vs Deep Wave: How To Choose ?

Well, this is indeed a difficult decision to think. The two types of hair look similar, but the details are completely different. We all know that the details matter a lot. Based on the feedback from our loyal customers, we have the following suggestions to help you make an advisable decision in your next water wave wig or deep wave wig investment. Still, the most important thing is your personal preference and confidence.

1. Choose According to the Season

Suppose you are in an area with a hot climate all year round. In that case, we recommend you choose water wave hair, because overall it will be more suitable for summer days, which I believe has also been verified in popular fashion trends. Deep wave's seasonal characteristics are not as strong, hence, some people think it is a more bland product that will never out of style.

2. Match Your Personal Style

If you prefer a more casual and comfortable style, water wave hair is born for you. And if you like a more charming, sexy, or gorgeous look, then deep wave hair is a better option.


Water wave curls and deep wave patterns both have their unique pros. By our introduction, I believe you can tell the difference between these two hairstyles now. If you want to know more about wigs, remember to bookmark our website. I will update it regularly to help you pass on the latest fashion trends. By the way, don’t forget to choose high-quality human hair wigs, which will make your beauty more effective. Happy wig shopping!

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