Why Are Human-Hair Wigs More Expensive

According to the material, there are two types of wigs: human hair wigs and synthetic wigs, and there is a clear price difference between them, human hair wig is always have a higher price. Many beginners who try wigs for the first time often wonder why human-hair wigs are more expensive. In today’s blog, we will answer the question and explore human Is hair wig worth its price.

reasons of human hair wig higher price

Why Are Human-Hair Wigs More Expensive

Higher Production Costs
The cost of human hair wigs will be much higher than synthetic wigs. An excellent human hair wig usually uses hair from donator with healthy, well-maintained hair. Moreover, these hairs will be sorted, cleaned and maintained after cutting from donators. The cost of acquiring and processing can be making them expensive.

The synthetic wig is made of acrylic fiber hair, which is synthesized by a chemical "spinning" or "blowing" process, greatly reducing production costs. And it can be produced in large quantities without the risk of supply shortages.

More Natural Appearance
Human hair wigs have a more natural appearance than synthetic wigs. Especially lace wig, the lace part imitates the human scalp, and the hair strand is hand-tied one by one on the fine lace hole to give the illusion that the hair grows naturally from the scalp. This fine craftsmanship adds to the overall cost.

No matter how exquisite the synthetic fiber is, it never imitates the naturalness of human hair. Besides, synthetic wigs usually with the gloss that is particularly strong and fake, so it is not suitable for daily wear. Most of the time it is used for cosplay or Halloween-like activities.

Versatile Styling Method
You can use heat styling tools on human hair wigs, such as using a curling iron to create the curls you prefer or using a flat straightener to restyle them. The natural properties of human hair allow it to withstand heat, styling, and daily wear better than synthetic fibers, which are more prone to tangling and can't resist high temperature. In addition, natural human hair admitted you permed and dyed, but synthetic wigs are not. Although it's available in many colors, you can't remake it, the hair dye colors don't adhere well on synthetic fibers.

Longer Lifespan
Human hair wigs are known for their longevity and durability when compared to synthetic wigs. With proper care, a high-quality human hair wig can last for more than one year, while synthetic wigs typically have a shorter lifespan(3-6 months).

Are Human Hair Wigs Worth the Price?

Many people worry whether it is really worth the higher selling price. In fact, it's not only worth it, it's far better. Buying a human hair wig is an advisable long-term investment, and it can even be cheaper than synthetic wigs in the long run. Firstly it lasts longer than synthetic wigs. Secondly, it has a realistic look that synthetic wigs can not reach. In addition, it is highly flexible and can be freely styled as you prefer. Investing in a human hair wig has endless possibilities for beautiful styling.

How to Distinguish Whether a Wig is 100% Human Hair?

If you are not sure whether the hair you purchased is 100% pure human hair, you can do a small burn test. Cut a little cluster hair and burn it with a lighter or gas stove. Human hair will burns to flakes like ashes, and has a burnt smell. If this product is mixed with any synthetic fibers, it will melt to a hard sticky solid and has a strong chemical smell.

distinguish human hair and synthetic hair

Different Types of Hair Used in Wigs

European Hair: European hair is known for its fine texture and is often considered high-end. It is relatively rare, making wigs made from European hair more expensive.

Asian Hair: Asian hair is known for its thickness and strength. Wigs made from Asian hair are often more affordable but may be less suitable for certain hair textures.

Brazilian, Peruvian, or Malaysian Hair: These are marketing terms used to describe human hair types from specific regions. They are often used in the hair extension and wig industry, with each type having its unique characteristics.

Brazilian Hair vs Peruvian Hair vs Malaysian Hair

Brazilian Hair
  • Brazilian hair is typically known for its natural wave or curl pattern. It is often slightly coarse in texture.
  • Brazilian hair usually comes in natural shades of brown or black.
Peruvian Hair
  • Peruvian hair is known for being very silky and soft. It has a straight to slightly wavy texture.
  • Peruvian hair often comes in natural dark shades but can also be found in lighter colors.
  • Peruvian hair is often considered lightweight and can offer a lot of volume without being overly heavy.
Malaysian Hair
  • Malaysian hair is known for its smooth, straight texture. It's usually very straight and sleek.
  • Malaysian hair comes in various natural colors, often in darker shades.
  • Malaysian hair is known for its thickness, providing a lot of body and fullness to wigs or extensions.

3 Must-Have Human Hair Wig Types for Beginners

1. Wear and Go Glueless Lace Wig
Wear and go glueless lace wig has recently set off a craze. Although it is a lace wig, it does not need to be fixed with glue or tape, and it is very convenient to wear and can be taken off at any time. It is suitable for almost all people, especially those who are sensitive to glue such as pregnant mothers.

wear go glueless human hair wig
2. Headband Human Hair Wig
These wigs come with a built-in headband-like strap at the front. The adjustable strap allows for a customized fit, and wearing a headband wig is as simple as slipping it onto your head. Perfect for those who prefer to avoid using glue, tape, or elastic bands to secure their wigs, the headband wig offers an effortless and comfortable option.

human hair headband wig

3. V-Part Human Hair Wig
A V-part wig that features a unique V-shaped hairline at the front of the wig. With the V-shaped part, you can easily part the hair in either direction, create a middle part, or style the hair off to the sides. This versatility allows you to experiment with various hairstyles and looks, making the V-part wig a popular choice among wig wearers.

human hair v part wigs


While human-hair wigs may come with a higher price tag, they offer unparalleled quality, longevity, and a realistic appearance that synthetic wigs often struggle to match. For those seeking the most natural and durable wig option, the investment in a human-hair wig is well worth it.