How to Hide Wig Knots Without Bleaching

For lace wigs, bleaching the knots is a step that cannot be ignored to achieve a natural appearance. However, this is difficult for beginners. The time is hard to master, it is easy to damage the delicate HD lace. For these concerns, we will introduce three quick and simple ways to get a lace wig that looks seamless without having to bleach it.

how to bleach knots on wig without bleach

What are Wig Knots

Wig knots are knots in which hair strands are hand-tied into the lace holes of the wig. These knots look like small black dots, which reduce the realism of the appearance, especially with lace front wigs. Usually, the apparent visibility of the knots is caused by their darker color compared to the natural skin tone of the scalp. To address this issue, people usually bleach these knots to a skin-like blonde hue that makes them invisible to the naked eye.  As you can see in the picture below, these knots are very obvious. If you are not purchasing pre-bleached wigs, hiding the knot is necessary.what are wig knots-picture
Bleaching knots on a lace wig is an essential step in making a more natural appearance. You can find various related tutorial videos on YouTube or just simply follow the steps in our teaching article: How to Bleach Wig Knots: A Beginner-Friendly Guide. However, if you do not have the confidence or time to do it or are worried that chemical reagents will damage your super-thin HD lace, here are some alternative products and methods. Also, when choosing your next wig, consider purchasing one that comes pre-bleached. It's a worthwhile investment in the long run, although the price may be slightly higher than the unbleached alternative. You don’t have to bleach go through alternative procedures, or pay extra for customization at the salon. Currently, the online wig store OQ Hair is launching discounts during the tax refund promotion season. If you are interested in bleached knot wigs, please feel free to visit our store and browse our selection!
bleached knots wig human hair

How to Hide Wig Knots Without Bleaching

Method 1-Lace Tint Spray

lace tint spray for hide wig knotsLace tint spray is a simple-to-use product. All you have to do is turn the wig over, hold the spray against the lace part, and then spray for 3–4 seconds. For a more even application, you can also use a brush to brush it after spraying. Remember to choose a color that is close to your skin tone for the most realistic look. Moreover, this product may have some odor, wear a mask to prevent it is a good choice.
Method 2-Lace Grid Filler

Lace Grid Filler for human hair wigThis product is very suitable for carrying when traveling. It saves a lot of space compared to other products. And it just needs a little amount but can work effectively. Some countries do not allow spray products to be carried on airplanes, but it is okay. Here is a brief instruction below: 

Step 1: Heat it with a warm setting blow dryer or drip into hot water. Starting an inch away from the hairline, apply a small amount of the product onto the lace grid lines. Because a little goes a long way, do not have to overdo it.

Step 2: For a more natural look, you can choose to tweeze the knots close to the hairline. The grid lines become less noticeable as the product dries quickly. Use foundation powder to better match the product's color to your skin tone, if necessary.

Method 3-Diamond Bond Weft Saver+Foundation

diamond bond weft saver and make up foundation method

The method of using only liquid foundation is not long-lasting, the price of face foundation or concealer is not cheap, and it is easy to melt and clump as the temperature rises. Using this method can achieve a more durable and firmer result.

You just need to blend a little wig weft saver with an inexpensive or expired foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Apply the mixture inside your wig, paying particular attention to the knots. Then blow dry the wig's exterior and interior.

Method 4-Scar or Silicone Sheets+Foundation
scar silicone for hide wig knotsThis combination is not common and is suitable for use when you cannot buy suitable products while traveling. The principle of this method is to use invisible silicone stickers to isolate the foundation and wig cap, which is more convenient to operate.

Step 1: Flip your lace wig over and place it on a wig stand. Keep it securely in place.

Step 2: Carefully peel off the sheets, then press them onto the lace, about 2-3 millimeters behind the edge. After that, take out the pins and put your wig back into place.

Step 3: Apply concealer or foundation in the parting area, working your way from the back to the front until you get the look you want.


Wig knots can be successfully hidden without bleaching with these easy techniques. Try out various methods and supplies to determine what suits you the best, then take pleasure in your perfect wig makeovers!