A Guide to the Glamour of 613 Hair Color

If you are a wig enthusiast, you are probably familiar with the number 613. It represents a trendy golden shade in the fashion and hair-styling world. If you are not acquainted with it yet, don't worry. You will learn all there is to know about 613 blonde hair color in detail in this article today. Together, let's go exploring!

613 blonde hair color guide

What is 613 Hair Color

In the world of hair, colors are often assigned numerical codes to represent different tones and intensities. Generally speaking, the first number refers to the base color of the color, which represents the depth of the color. 1.0 represents black, 5.0 represents light brown, 6.0 represents dark gold, 7.0 represents medium gold, and 10 represents the lightest gold. In the case of 613, it usually represents a very light or platinum gold color. This shade is known for its bright, pure and eye-catching appearance. Additionally, “99j” represents burgundy red, while “27” represents honey gold. You can also find the colored wig you want in the OQ Hair online store by entering the color code.

The popularity of this color has also been influenced by celebrities, from contemporary figures such as Marilyn Monroe to modern stars such as Beyoncé and Britney, who have all tried this iconic hair color. This hair color is also becoming a timeless and classic choice. No matter the skin tone or occasion, it will suit you. Plus, you have the flexibility to dye it any color you want without bleaching it because it’s bleached. If you choose a lace wig, it does not require bleach wig knots.

what is 613 color

Exploring the Possibilities of 613 Hair Color

1. Pure 613 Elegance
This is the most popular style, with pure gold color without any highlights or gradient embellishments. Create an elegant atmosphere. Although it is a solid color, there are various textures to choose from. Such as body wave, deep wave, loose wave, and other charming wavy hair, you can also have smooth straight hair. No matter which one you choose, I'm sure it will helpful to your personal identity design.
pure platinum blonde hair color
2. 613 Blonde with a Dark Root
You can give your blonde hair a more natural look by incorporating a darker shadow root in shades like #1, #4, or #27. This is also a little trick to rich your hair layers.
dark roots blonde hair
3. 613 Blended with Other Colors
For added fun, you can mix blonde with other colors. Try highlighting your hair or dye into a skunk stripe mixed color style. Both are the most fashion hot trend this year.
highlight 613 blonde hair
4. Ombre 613 Magic
More than this, 613 hair can be utilized to create ombre transitions from darker roots to lighter ends. The gold to brown gradient shown below is perfect for fall. This color scheme has also been used in clothing design. You can switch it up with your favorite color and let your hair be your calling card.
ombre hair blonde 613

How to Get 613 Hair Color

Hair Salon
Choosing a hair salon means having to wait a long time—roughly 6 to 8 hours—for natural hair to turn golden. Professional salon services can be quite expensive, and the chemical substances in bleach can cause irreversible damage to your hair. This method is suitable for women seeking an exceptionally natural and perfect look.

Dying at Home
Dyeing your natural hair blonde or bleaching an old wig at home is an option. It may pose some difficulty for beginners, with challenges in timing control. This article can provide helpful guidance for those choosing the DIY approach: How to Dye a Human Hair Wig.

Wearing Wigs
Choosing to wear wigs is a time-saving and low-maintenance option that also protects natural hair. We recommend that you choose a wig made of 100% human hair. Its texture, durability, and styling flexibility are far ahead of synthetic hair. These wigs allow for customization using heat styling tools. If you're uncertain about the type of wig that suits you, reading this article can help you find an ideal solution: A Guide to the Different Types of Wigs

Hair Weave
Blonde hair bundles  weaving offers strong, long-lasting results. However, it may not be friendly for those with thinning hair, as the weave needs to be sewn into natural hair.

613 Blonde Hairstyle Ideas

1. Middle Part Blonde 613 Straight Hair

middle part 613 blonde wig

2. Side-swept 613 Short Curly Bob

side part 613 blonde wig

3. Wand Curls Half-up Half-down 613 Blonde Hair

half up half down curly hairstyle

4. 613 Blonde Body Wave Hair with Wispy Bangs

body wave blonde hair with bangs

5. Layer Straight Blonde Hair

straight blonde hair with layer

6. Wavy Blonde Hair

wavy blonde hair

7. 613 Blonde Color Double Frontal Ponytail

613 blonde double frontal ponytail

Final Words

Now I hope you already know enough about this stunning hair color. If you want to try a blonde wig, you might as well try the OQ Hair brand. We have many years of experience in wig manufacturing, and our blonde wig series includes closure, frontal, glueless lace wigs, etc. In addition, we also offer blonde hair bundles, we believe you will be satisfied with our products. Happy wig Shopping!

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