1B VS 2 Hair Color: What is the Difference and How to Choose

Choosing the right hair color can make a significant difference in enhancing your overall appearance and boosting your confidence. Among the myriad of hair color options, shades labeled as "1B" and "2" are often more popular. In this blog post, we will discuss the difference of 1B VS 2 hair color and how to choose between them.

1b hair color vs 2

What is 1B Hair Color

1B hair color is often referred to as "natural black" or "off-black" hair color. Many people might think of it as jet black, but in reality, it is slightly lighter and softer than a true jet-black color (designated as "1"). It's commonly chosen for wigs and hair extensions to achieve a natural appearance. This color is popular for its versatility and ability to complement a wide range of skin tones, which can create a classic and elegant vibe.

what is 1b hair color

What is 2 Hair Color

Hair color shades represented by the number "2" are often referred to simply as the darkest brown color with deep cool tones. This shade of brown appears more prominent in sunlight, while under indoor lighting, it takes on a color closer to black. While 2 hair color is not as intense as other light color shades, it provides a sense of warmth and dimension to your hair.

what is 2 hair color

1B VS 2 Hair Color: What is the Difference

1. The 1B color imparts a more elegant appearance, while the #2 brown has a livelier and more vibrant look.

2. When it comes to extensions and wigs, 1B hair is often unprocessed and healthier than other chemically dyed options. On the other hand, 2 hair color is usually achieved through chemical dying.

3. Due to its untreated nature, 1B hair is more receptive to dyeing and color treatments.

4. Colored hair has the potential to fade with improper maintenance, while natural black hair does not. 1B hair color typically showcases less maintenance compared to #2, making it a convenient option.

1b-vs-2 hair color difference

1B VS 2 Hair Color: How to Choose

1. If you have a smaller head size or a long face, it's recommended to opt for the 2 color in the same hairstyle. Brown hair visually adds more volume compared to black hair, creating a better balance for your head-to-shoulder ratio.

2. Match with your natural hair color. You can observe your hair in sunlight. If your hair appears as a deep black, then you should choose the 1B color. If your hair seems black with a hint of brown, then you'll find it easier to manage the 2 color.

3. If you are looking for a more natural look and low profile vibe, 1b hair color could be your choice. However, if you are seeking a slightly more daring or contrasting look, 2 hair color could be a fantastic option.

4. Your skin undertone significantly influences your hair color choice. If you have warm undertones, the elegance of 1B might be your match. Those with cool or neutral undertones could find the vibrancy of #2 to be more harmonious.

5. Choose according to your budget, generally speaking, the price of colored human hair wig will be slightly higher by natural black wig.

 Wig Color Chart Numbers

Have you wondered what is the meaning of the numbers on the hair extensions or wigs package? That is refers to hair color code, here are the most common hair color numbers used in hair extension and wig:

1B-Natural Black
2-Dark Brown
4-Medium Brown
6-Light Brown
22-Ash Blonde/Light Blonde
27-Honey Blonde
33-Dark Auburn
99J-Wine Red/ Burgundy
613-Bleach Blonde

OQ Hair Natural Black 1B Hair Color Wig

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Both 1B and 2 hair colors offer unique qualities that can enhance your appearance in different ways. Whichever hair color you choose, the most important thing is your confidence!