Water Method: How To Dye Hair To Icy Gray Color

Different season different hair, like braids for spring, bob for summber, ginger hair for autumn, icy gray hair for winter.

 Now it's winter, have you tried icy gray hair? Do u know how to get this color? Here is the tutorial.

1. In general, icy gray hair is transformed from blonde hair , blonde hair has a yellow tone into it, but icy gray doesn't have any yellow tone into it, so firstly, we need to get rid of the yellow tone by using Shimmer Lights Purple Shampoo.

2. To get icy gray color. Add some drops of Adore Blue Black into hot water, then dip the hair to it. This process needs to be repeated two times at least because it's hard to get an ideal icy gray color at once.

3. Deeply condition the hair. You could use any kind of conditioner, put it on the hair, it will define the hair type and give it some moisture. Finally, you'll get a perfect icy gray hair.

Trying and texting this method at home, if it is possible, you can share the final look with us on Instagram. (our instagram: @oqhair_web)