What is a Glueless Wig

Why you don't like wearing wigs? Is it because of the tedious steps and strong existence of clips? Traditional wigs do have such problems. We need to fix the wig with our own hair, and stick the wigs and hairline with glue. On the contrary, there is no such problem in our glueless wig, while facilitating wearing and fitting our skin. Glueless wig is convenient and fast to wear, so you can remove it while sleeping, eliminating the problem of wearing it for a long time and not being easy to take care of.

  1. What is a Glueless Wig
  2. Why a Glueless Wig
  3. Benefits of Glueless Wigs
  4. How to Wear the Glueless wig
  5. Final words

What is a Glueless Wig

Glueless wigs mean that we don't need to use glue to stick the hair and the excess lace on the front of the wig has been pre-cut. It is cheap, convenient, and there are no combs in wigs. We use HD Swiss lace, which is more invisible and fits our skin better.

Why a Glueless Wig

By using HD Swiss lace, wigs can better fit our skin tone. There are no combs in wig, so when wearing, we only need to put it on the head, and then adjust the band inside the wig. The two steps can be completed in ten minutes, which is very convenient and fast.

Moreover, the glueless wig is very cheap, and it only costs a little money to buy every style you want. Glueless wigs are invisible and naturalness which can fit your skin tones well. The whole wig is made of 3D dome cap, and you can wear it more convenient and comfortable.

Our wigs are fitted to our head and do not worry about shedding after bringing it. And the wig is made of breathable canvas, and high-quality materials will ensure that you will not feel sultry even if you wear it in summer.

Benefits of Glueless Wigs

1. Convenient and fast

The glueless wig does not require tedious wear, and the whole process can be completed in ten minutes. Traditional wigs are generally composed of one closure and two or three bundles. Glueless wigs use a lace front wig, which is more convenient to wear.

2. More realistic, more skin fitting

The glueless wig is made with HD lace, which can be perfectly integrated with your skin color. There is an adjustment band, which can be adjusted according to the size of the head circumference, and it is convenient to bring you the most beautiful experience at the same time. The wig is full and silky, it can help you cover the bald and make all kinds of shapes as you want.

3. Glueless wigs is easy to take care of

We do not need to use glue, nor do we need to sleep with wigs. This largely guarantees the softness of the wig and prolongs the life of the wig. Therefore, there is no need to spend a lot of money on wigs due to their rapid wear and tear.

4. It’s Cheap and high-cost performance, variety of styles

The glueless wigs is made of human hair, it is silkier than synthetic hair. Using superior materials while being cheap. You can buy wigs with various texture, such as highlight, kinky curly and deep wave. The shape is realistic and not rigid. There are multiple hair colors, lengths, and sizes to choose from. You can also choose to buy straight hair, perm or dye the hair to make various styles by yourself.

How to Wear the Glueless wig

First, you need to tie the natural hair on the top or tail of your head, and wrap all your hair with a cap. The cap must be put behind your hairline, unable to cover it, leak a part of the natural hair to connect wig edges to make it look more realistic for the skin.

Then, bring a glueless wig without adapting it with glue. You only need to adjust the loose band to the appropriate size so that you feel comfortable.

Finally, take care of the wig to make it smooth and make any shape you want.

Final words

As we all know, long-term dyeing hair and perm will cause great damage to our scalp and hair follicles, especially bleached hair, which is unavoidable to stimulate the scalp. And wearing wigs can solve this problem very well. You can buy the style and color you want directly, or you can also make styles on the wig to dye the color you want.

The wig that needs glue not only is difficult to take care of, but also causes harm to the scalp. Glueless pre-cut wig not only solves these problems, but also makes realistic and comfortable at the same time as cheap. It better protects our scalp and brings the greatest guarantee to our health.

In addition to conventional wigs, we can also make customized for you according to your needs. There are a variety of colors, styles, lengths, and size. You can customize the current popular styles like highlight and ombre color hair. If you need it, we will be satisfied. Now, if you want to choose a wig that suits you just check out oqhair.com.