V Part Wig VS U Part Wig: Which One is Suitable for You

For many wig beginners, distinguishing the difference between V part wig and U part wig is not a simple matter due to they have a similar look. Although these two wigs are close in appearance, however, there are still apparent differences in construction and application. This blog will explore the differences between V part wig and U part wig, helping you choose them.

V part wig VS U part wig

What is V Part Wig

V part wigs are also known as thin-part wigs, featured with a distinct V-shaped opening at the crown of the wig. The V-shaped parting allows for easy styling and offers a seamless appearance. The V part wig is typically worn with the V shape middle centered on the top of your forehead but it can also be shifted slightly to the left or right for parting variation.

what is v part wig

Pros of V Part Wigs

  • No glue required, protect your scalp and natural hairline.
  • Easy to apply and remove, suitable for daily wear.
  • The price are more affordable compared to glueless lace wig.
  • Beginner friendly and those who with thinning hair.
  • No sew-in, no leave out.
  • Low maintenance.

Cons of V Part Wigs

  • Compared with lace wigs, v part wig has fewer styling options.
  • It may take you some time to find out a perfect-fit v part wig if you planning to wear a v part wig with leave out.

What is U part Wig

U part wigs are featured with a U-shaped opening at the crown, leaving a small portion of the wearer's natural hair exposed. This design allows the wearer to blend their natural hair with the wig. U part wigs are a great choice for those looking to add volume and length to their natural hair without covering it entirely.

what is u part wig

Pros of U Part Wigs

  • No adhesive needed, gluless friendly to those who have sensitive skin.
  • Can be quickly wear and take off. Let your scalp rest everyday.
  • Blend with you natural hair, gives you a realistic hair look.
  • Less maintenance than lace wigs.
  • Lower price correlate to traditional lace wig.

Cons of U Part Wigs

  • A U-part wig requires you to pull out a portion of natural hair to leave out. So if you have less natural hair, u part wig is not an option for you,
  • If you prefer changing the hairstyles frequently with a flat straightener, with a u part wig on, a portion of your natural hair inevitably has to be restyled in the meantime, which can damage your natural hair.

V Part Wig VS U Part Wig: What is the differences

1. Leave-out Hair
U part wigs make people have to leave out some hair in the front of their head.
The leave out is extremely minimal of V part wigs, and even you can don’t leave out any hair. If you want to cover all traces of your natural hair, wearing a V part wig is a more ideal choice.

2. Opening Shape
The most obvious difference between V part wig and u part wig is the shape of the top opening. As the name suggests, one is V-shaped and the other is U-shaped.

3. Breathablity
Due to the U part wig has a larger opening space it is also more breathable. Larger openings allow your real hair to remain visible and breathe better.

4. Installation Type
Normally, U-part wigs can only be worn with leave-outs, but V-part wigs can be worn with or without leave-outs which gives you more optional choices.

U part vs V part wig which one is better

V Part Wig VS U Part Wig: Which One is Suitable for You

Life Style
Compared to U part wigs need you to blend your natural hair during the application process, V part wigs are easier and quicker to wear. For those with a busy schedule or beginners, a V part wig is a better choice.

Natural Hair Texture
People’s natural hair texture also influences the decision. If your hair texture closely matches the wig's texture, the U Part wig may be the ideal choice since it allows for seamless blending. However, if your hair texture is significantly different, the V Part wig with its fixed parting might be more suitable.

Scalp Exposure Preference
Some individuals might prefer a more concealed hairline, making the U part wig less suitable for them.

Hair Volume
For people with thinning hair or baldness, choosing V part wig is a more sensible choice. It does not require more hair to be exposed like U part wig.

what is the difference between v part and u part wig


If you desire a more realistic hairline and versatile styling options, the v part wig might be the ideal choice, on the other hand, if you wish to blend your natural hair with the wig and have a simper application process, the u part wig could be the perfect option.