Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

The scorching summer is approaching, and it is also a fashionable season. Do you want to create a fashionable look with your beautiful wig this summer, but are you afraid that wearing a wig in the summer will feel stuffy, sweaty, and bulky? Don't worry, this article will tell you some tips for wearing a wig during the summer, helping you stay cool and beautiful during this scorching summer day.

Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

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1.Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer
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Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

Summer is definitely not the reason to stop you from being beautiful. For more comfortably wearing the wig in the coming hot summer, there are some helpful tips for you to do with.

Try short hair
Did you bothered with the long wig due to the sweat in the hot summer day before? How about choose a shorter one instead which will not only very refreshing to wear but also help you avoid long hair that is very difficult to manage after being damped in sweat. The short cut wigs such like pixie and bob wig are both nice for you to choose in this hot summer.

Try lighter wig color
We all know that dark colors are more likely to absorb light and heat, and so is hair. Therefore, wearing light colored hair on hot summer days can make us feel cooler. If you like to wear dark color wigs, summer may not be a very friendly season for you. In this hot season, we can choose some light colored hair styles such as blonde, light pink, light blue, etc.

Avoid touching your wig all the time
We will have some small habits, such as liking to use our hands to play with our hair. We often do this when we are bored, and sometimes this behavior can make us look sexy, but it is not good for wigs, especially in the hot summer. Because if we do so, it will remain the oil and sweat from our hand to the wig, which will make the wig looks greasy and out of shape.

Avoid Swimming with your wig
Summer is a great season for swimming, but whether swimming in an indoor swimming pool or in seawater, it can cause damage to wigs, especially wigs made of 100% virgin human hair. In salt water and chlorinated water immersion, hair can become very dry, especially in salt water, where it can dehydrate and lead to hair breakage. That’s mean you have to avoid swimming with your wig, even if it’s hard to do this in summer days. But if you really want to swim, you can wear a professional swim cap to hide your wig entirely under this cap.

Wear hat
Just like long term exposure of skin to UV rays will hurt our skin, spending too much time under the sunlight will damage your wig. Wear a sun hat can help us effectively avoid the direct sunlight damage to the wig. Headband wig is also a good option for you to wear in this summer, which has the similar effect as the sun hat.

Regularly wash your wig
During the process of wearing our wigs, there are also many dirty things such as oil, sweat, and other dust that stay on our wigs, let alone in the hot summer season. Regularly cleaning wigs is beneficial for effectively removing these dirt, allowing your wig to be fluffy and refreshing even in hot summers. And regular cleaning is also beneficial for extending the lifespan of wigs.

Use styling tools as little as possible
Our natural hair is nourished and protected by the oil we naturally produce, but wigs do not, so if we overuse styling tools, it can make our wigs dry and rough. In addition, the high temperature in summer will make our wigs more susceptible to damage from styling tools.

Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

Summer Wig Recommendation

In order to wear wigs comfortably and beautifully in summer, this part will recommend several wigs suitable for summer wear.

613 blonde bob lace wig
613 blonde bob lace wig is a perfect combination of light hair color and bob short hair. It is a very suitable wig for summer. Blonde light hair color will not absorb too much heat like dark hair, so it will be very refreshing to wear, and the short size design of bob strengthens this feature, making the whole wig look very cool.

Wear go water wave bob lace wig
Wear go water wave bob lace wig is one of the most popular glueless wigs. The glueless wig is very convenient to wear and take off, which is very suitable for the hot summer. As the temperature rises, people's mood will gradually become impetuous, which makes many of us not have enough patience to wear wigs, but because the glueless wig is very easy to wear, it saves us a lot of trouble. At the same time it is also possible to clean the wig in time after taking it off quickly when not wearing it.

Kinky curly headband wig
Kinky curly headband wig, this wig itself has the taste of summer. The exquisite headband design not only adds to the beauty of the whole wig, but also plays a certain role in sun protection, and also reduces the situation of wetting the wig due to sweating. The small curly shape of kinky curly texture adds vitality to the whole wig, and it is refreshing and lively to wear in this hot summer.

Summer look short curly hair pixie wig
Summer look short curly hair pixie wig is an super short size wig, this short size wig is very suitable for wearing in summer. Because you won't be troubled by the problems of long hair that is difficult to manage after sweating, or hair that is too heavy to wear, this pixie wig will only allow you to travel refreshingly and conveniently in the hot summer, and it is a fashion magic weapon in summer.

Tips For Wearing Wigs In The Summer

Ending Word

This hot summer can’t stop us pursuing beauty. Hope this article could help you to wear the wig confidently and comfortably in this hot summer days. Have a nice summer!