The Complete Guide to OQ Hair Pre-everything M-Cap Wig 2024

Although the Pre-everything M-Cap Wig has been launched for months. There are still a lot of people who are hesitant and want to hear the voices of real customers. Today, we will provide a comprehensive guide to this magic series to help you make the advisable decisions.

a guide to pre-everything m-cap wig

What is M-Cap Wig?

The M-Cap Wig is a brand-new upgrade of OQ Hair 4x6 wear go glueless wig. We previously used the unique 3D dome wig cap design and received a lot of positive reviews. In response to feedback from our esteemed clientele, we have now created an entirely new M-Cap design that builds upon the superb 3D dome cap with even more thoughtful elements. It promises to transform your opinion of glueless wigs and revitalize your wearing experience—it's like a magical wig cap.

m-cap wig picture

Features of M-Cap Pre-everything Wig

1. Real Pre-everything - Free Your Hands
Plucking the hairline, bleaching the knots, and cutting off extra lace are all part of the common ritual for wig enthusiasts, whether modifying wigs at home or in a salon. While these processes can be time-consuming, they are essential for attaining a natural look. Professionally performing them yourself takes about three hours, and choosing to customize them at a salon incurs additional costs and requires advanced scheduling. We collaborated with designers to present our authentic pre-everything m-cap wig line after realizing this necessity. Before reaching your hands, these wigs have already undergone crucial steps: the knots are already bleached by using our upgrade technique, the hairline is plucked to resemble a real scalp, and the lace is cut into a zig-zag pattern for enhanced invisibility. This method guarantees flawless integration, much like how surgeons utilize zig-zag stitching for improved concealment during procedures. Because of all of this, you can just pull the wig out of the package and use it right away without any hassles.
bleached knots plucked hairline pre-cut lace
2. 9x6 Size Lace - More Styling Options
After the craze sparked by the 4x6 glueless closure wig, some of our loyal customers expressed a desire for a larger lace area to offer more styling options. So, we increased the lace area to 9x6 size, even larger than a typical 13x4 lace front wig. You can create whatever kind of hairstyle you want in this bigger space. You might go for swoop bangs or a basic side part for easy style. You can opt for an updo or half-down or half-up style for romantic dates or fun evenings out. It provides a plethora of styling options.
lace size3. Removable Combs - Double Insurance
Some people feel uncomfortable when wearing wigs with built-in combs for extended periods. Because of the pressure they put on the scalp when removing the wig, combs may increase friction and lead to hair loss. These concerns led us to opt for adjustable bands rather than combs for wig security in our previous 4x6 wear-go wig designs. Our testing revealed that the wig stays securely in place even with forceful head motions, and we haven't had many complaints about it slipping. However, we provide three removable combs in your quick shipment because we understand that some customers love active hobbies like parkour, bungee jumping, or skydiving, which call for extra security.
4. 3X Secure Fit
The anti-slip band, which has a silicone strip on the back of the band for improved grip, is another standout feature of this model. Triple security is provided by the patent design. We also include an anti-fake label with your wig so you can verify it.
triple protection
5. Mimicking Forehead Contour
The curvature of m-cap wig perfectly matches the natural contour of your forehead, eliminating any unsightly gaps for a flawless fit. One of our main design objectives was to enhance the wig's natural appearance.
forehead design
6. C-Shape Ear Design
For added comfort, the wig cap features C-shaped ear tab, alleviating pressure on the ears during wear. Whether you wear glasses or sunglasses, whether you are nearsighted or a fashion enthusiast, this wig provides a painless solution, seamlessly integrating with your style.

c-shape ear tab design

OQ Hair M-Cap Pre-everything Wig Real Customer Review

Are you curious about the opinions of those who have used it? On our website, you can view actual customer reviews on the product page. Here are a few of the best customer reviews. We think that knowing this will enable you to make a better decision.
01/15/2024 Peter Piazza
love my wig! If you are new to curly hair..this is the best hair to start with. Very little shedding and very soft! I will definitely be buying again!!!

01/03/2024 Arani Vactor
The hair was so soft and the lace was literally so thin. There customer service was superb and they communicated really well. I had to customize to a larger cap size and it was an easy process. I'll definitely be buying from the again. They're amazing!!!

12/30/2023 Tayah Cook
I have no words to describe how pleased I am with this order. The extra gifts were absolutely wonderful. I cannot believe all the gifts I received with my purchase. The packaging was impeccable! I LOVE my wig so much. I will buy another wig from you.

01/13/2024 Jade Holbert
This wig straight out the box ATE! Can't wait till I work my magic, feeling like a Queen in this hair! I have to get another one!love it!

01/10/2024 Jasmine Brooks
This wig is a great deal! It had no weird smell, it was incredibly soft, true to measurements, perfect hairline, strong but thin lace.


The hair styling industry is changing thanks to the OQ Hair M-Cap Pre-everything Wig. Because of its special qualities, it's the best option for anyone who wants to quickly change their appearance. If you're interested, go check it out and experience the magic of the M-Cap straight away!