OQ Hair Pre Everything Wig: Embrace Effortless Beauty

Welcome to the world of beauty made easy with OQ Hair's Pre Everything Wig! In this blog post, we'll delve into the magic of hassle-free styling, exploring the features that make OQ Hair's Pre Everything Wig your go-to choice for achieving effortless beauty.

oq hair pre everything glueless wig

OQ Hair Pre Everything Wig: Embrace Effortless Beauty

A "Pre-Everything Wig" refers to a type of lace wig that comes with various pre-styled and pre-treated features to simplify the process of wearing and styling. So it is also called wear and go wig.

OQ Hair pre-everything means pre-cut HD lace, no adhesive use for wearing, pre-plucked hairline, and pre-bleached knots, which makes it easier to install and achieve a natural appearance.

oq hair best-selling pre-everything wig

Characteristics of OQ Hair Pre-Everything Wig

1. Pre-cut Zig Zag Shape Lace
No more wrestling with scissors to shape your wig! Our pre everything wig comes with lace that's pre-cut in a zig-zag natural shape, fitting your face like a charm right out of the box.

pre cut hd lace

2. Pre-plucked Hairline
Tired of spending forever tweaking your hairline? This wig takes care of that for you, with a pre-plucked hairline that looks natural and effortlessly on point.
pre-plucked hairline
3. Pre-bleached Knots
It is important to have bleached knots in a wig because it helps create a more natural and realistic hairline. When the knots of the wig are bleached, it lightens the appearance of the lace and makes it blend better with your scalp, giving the illusion of hair growing directly from your scalp.

With this wig, no more stressing about visible knots. The wig knots were bleached, giving your strands a natural appearance like they're growing straight from your scalp.
pre bleached knots
4. No Adhesive Glueless Install
Because it is a glueless wig, meaning that you don't need to use any adhesive or spray to secure it Pop it on and go without the sticky hassle.
easy installation
5. 4x6 HD Lace
HD lace, offering a seamless blend that's nearly invisible, letting you confidently flaunt your style. Saves you time using techniques to melt lace.

Besides, the lace size is 4x6 inches which means it has more styling options than a normal closure wig. The 6-inch extensions give you the freedom to manipulate the wig and create different parting styles, including a side part. You can easily create a side part by shifting the wig slightly to the side.

real hd lace

How Does the Construction of this Wig Differ from Others?

1. Cut-out Ears: The construction of this wig includes cut-out ears. This means that the wig is designed with openings around the ear area, allowing for a more comfortable fit and reducing the pressure on the ears.

2. No Combs: Unlike some other wigs, this particular wig does not have any combs attached to it. Combs are typically used to secure the wig in place, but in this case, the wig relies on the elastic band and a snug fit to stay in place which can reduce the frizz caused by combs.

3. 3D Dome Cap: The innovative 3D dome wig cap uses breathable materials, this wig guarantees optimal comfort, even during prolonged use. Additionally, the exceptionally breathable fabric alleviates discomfort related to perspiration, providing a delightful wearing experience. 

4. Adjustable Straps:The wig cap features adjustable elastic straps instead of combs, offering effortless customization of cap tightness. This not only minimizes pressure on the scalp but also eliminates the potential for headaches caused by traditional combs.

Final Words

Pre everything wig making it more convenient and time-saving for the wearer. These differences set it apart from traditional wigs which may require more manual customization and styling. If you don't know what to choose for your next wig, try this one wig! You will never regret it!

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