How To Store Your Lace Wig

Whether you are about to travel, switch to a different style of wig, or create a wig collection, if you want to use it the next time and still help you create a fashionable look together in the best state, you need to know how to store your lace wig correctly.

How To Store Your Lace Wig

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1.Tips Of Storing Your Lace Wig
2.Different Ways To Store Wigs

Tips Of Storing Your Lace Wig

When we store lace wigs, there are many small details that need to be done well. Only by doing these small details well can we achieve better storage results. This section will tell you some tips on how to store your lace wigs correctly.

Cleaning your lace wig before storing
If you want the wig to remain in good condition the next time it is taken out, you need to keep it in a good condition when storing it. We need to clean the wig before storing it, thoroughly and carefully using a shampoo that is friendly to the wig, and then rinse it with clean water. The entire process should be very gentle.

Make sure your lace wig is completely dry
After cleaning your lace wig, please be careful to ensure that it is completely dry. If wigs are stored in a wet or damp state, not only does it not provide protection, but it may also cause mold to grow and damage the hair quality of the lace wig, leaving it with an unpleasant and difficult to remove mold odor.

Avoid the direct sunlight
No matter which storage method you choose, it is important to be careful not to place your lace wig in direct sunlight. Because direct light and excessive heat can cause the hair of the wig to fade, damage the hair fibers, and become fragile, which can easily lead to hair breakage. To avoid this situation, we must store our lace wigs in a dry and cool place to avoid exposing them to sunlight.

Label your lace wig
If you have your own beautiful wig collection, achieving this is even more necessary. Write the name and precautions of the wig clearly on its storage packaging. Doing so not only helps you find it faster the next time you need it, but also helps you avoid people mistakenly treating your wig when you travel.

How To Store Your Lace Wig

Different Ways To Store Lace Wigs

There are many different ways to store lace wigs correctly, each with its own advantages. This section will take you to understand the various ways to store wigs and the benefits of these methods. You can choose according to your different needs.

Store your lace wig in a ziplock bag
Placing lace wig in ziplock bag is the most convenient and space saving storage method. This way, the wig can maintain normal moisture, and the next time you take it out and use it, the wig won't look very dry and rough. If you don't have ziplock bags, you can also choose to use clean plastic bags or silk bags for storage, which can also achieve good storage results.

Store your lace wig on a mannequin head
Storing lace wigs on a mannequin head is the best way to store them, as the design of the mannequin head is similar to a human head, so placing the wig properly on top for storage is a great way. This not only helps to maintain the style and shape of the wig, making it less prone to deformation, but also avoids situations such as tangled hair. If you have enough space in your home, choosing this storage method would be your best choice.

Store your lace wig on hanging wig stands
If you don't have a mannequin head or don't have enough space at home to store your lace wig with a mannequin head, then wig hangers will be another good choice. It saves more space compared to a mannequin head. You can display your wig in your wardrobe like hanging clothes, and it also has a good styling effect, making it less prone to deformation during storage. But please note that it is best not to put them together with clothes in the wardrobe, or when placed together, there should be a certain distance between them, as friction between the clothes and the wig may cause the wig to become rough or knotted.

Store your lace wig in a carton box
Due to the increasing emphasis on packaging and transportation among wig merchants nowadays, they will use high-quality and beautifully designed packaging boxes to package lace wigs. When you receive your new lace wig, don't rush to throw away these packaging as they will be of great use in future storage processes. If you have already thrown away the original packaging, find a clean shoe box or paper box instead. When using a carton box to store wigs, we need to pay more attention to whether the wigs have completely dried, as excess moisture can deform and break the carton box.

Store your lace wig in a travel box
If you want to take your lace wig on a trip and take some beautiful photos or videos with it, a travel box will be a great choice. The soft texture of the travel box will not damage the wig, and it is also very convenient to carry during travel. If you don't have a travel box, you can also choose to use a wig case. It will be lighter and more convenient than a travel box, but the storage space will be smaller compared to a travel box.

How To Store Your Lace Wig

Ending Word

I hope this article is helpful for you now who want to store your beloved lace wig well. Hope you can confidently showcase your beauty at all times.