How To Store Wigs Without a Wig Head

Proper store a wig is essential to maintain the shape. While a mannequin head or a wig head are commonly used for storing wigs. However, not everyone has access to one. In this blog post, we will explore alternative methods for storing wigs without a wig head.

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How To Store Wigs Without a Wig Head

Whether your wigs are made of human hair or synthetic hair, they are stored in the same way, there is no difference. Both also require proper storage to prolong life, here are some storage tips:
Tips You Need To Know

1. Before storing your wig, ensure it is clean and smooth, you can use a wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush detangle the knots. This step prevents matting and keeps the wig in good condition during storage.

2. Please store your wig in a cool, dry place that is away from direct sunlight. Heat can cause the hair strands to become brittle, while excessive moisture can lead to mold. Appropriate storage conditions can prolong the wig's lifespan and preserve the wig quality.

3. Do not store wet wigs, storing wet wigs can damage the hair fibers and is difficult to repair when you take the wig out for storage bags. Be sure to wait until the wig is completely air dry before storing it.

4. It is best to store your wigs individually, storing wigs together may cause the wigs to rub against each other which can be leading to tangles and possible damage. We recommend putting each wig in a separate container if possible.
Method 1: Use a Wig Stand
If a wig head is not available, consider investing in a wig stand. These stands are designed to hold wigs securely, maintaining their shape and preventing them from tangling.

Method 2: Wrap it in a Hairnet
To protect the wig from dust and keep it safe during storage, wrap it in a hairnet. This additional layer acts as a barrier, preventing any dirt or debris from settling on the wig. Choose a breathable fabric to allow air circulation and maintain the wig's freshness.

Method 3: Use Zipper Mesh Bags
Storing in a zipper mesh bag is an advisable choice for ladies who have a lot of wigs. Fold the wig and put it into the large-size zipper mesh bag. Sometimes, it was hard to see when you look inside the bag, you can take an address label and place it towards the top, writing in big letters the name of the wig.

Method 4: Hang the Wig
There is a common method is to hang the wig. A clothes hanger, hat rack, and wig hanger are good choices. And even some types of wigs are designed easy to hang on like OQ Hair wear go glueless lace wigs. There is an adjustable elastic strap inside the wig cap which can not only secure the wig but also make you can use the straps to hang it.

Method 5: Utilize a Shoebox or Container
For people who are looking for a compact storage solution, consider using a shoe box or a similar container. Place the wig carefully inside the box. You can add tissue paper to help retain its shape. Label the box to quickly identify the wig when needed.

Method 6: Silk Bags
The material of silk are very suitable to store wigs, smooth material can reduce friction to keep the wig away from frizz.

Method 7: Original Package
If you receive a wig, do not throw away the box it came in. The original wig package box is the perfect size for storage and will come pre-labeled.
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Proper storage is key to maintaining the shape, texture, and overall quality of wigs. Although a wig head is a popular option, there are alternative methods for storing wigs without it. These methods will help you store your wigs effectively. Remember to keep them in a cool, dry place and avoid exposing them directly to the sunlight and high temperature.

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