How to Put On a Wig Cap: Bald Cap Method

The first step to a perfect wig installation is wearing a wig cap correctly. The majority of wig influencers employ the bald cap technique. It gives your wig installation a silky, faultless foundation. We will walk you through the Bald Cap Method wig cap application process in this blog article.

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How to Put On a Wig Cap: Bald Cap Method


Make sure your natural hair is smooth and flat before you begin. Braiding your hair into cornrows is a good way to even out the texture and get rid of any lumps.

Think about splitting your hair into four sections and braiding each one to make things easier. Any length of hair can use this technique. If your hair is longer, use bobby pins to fasten the extra braided hair around your head.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Choose knee-high pantyhose socks
Due to its higher level of flexibility and durability compared to alternative materials, many hair stylists choose knee-high pantyhose socks. An HD wig cap can be used in its place if you don't have one. When you purchase an OQ Hair brand wig, we will reward you with a wig cap.

2. Braiding your natural hair
Braiding is the best way to create a flat head surface, which is the basis of a natural wig installation. A smooth surface ensures that there are no bumps after the wig is worn. You can watch tutorials for braiding videos on YouTube. I believe every wig lover knows its importance, and details determine success or failure. Here is a tip to help hair grow under a wig cap: use hair oil drops on the surface of the scalp (in the gaps between braids).

3. Prep your edges
Apply edge control gel to lay down your natural hair edges and flyways. A toothbrush is a good helper to apply. Then blow-dry (cool temperature setting) the gel.

4. Put on the bald cap
Make sure the cap covers your hairline and that the parting fits with the location of the lace in your wig when you place it over your head. Pull the cap forward for a flat and thin front (make sure to stretch it!) and cut holes for the ears. Place the scissors behind the ear, cut towards the ear, and stop at the earlobe. Open the cut area and put it over the ear. The cap should cover the temporal.

5. Cut the excess cap and sew if necessary
Cut off the excess cap around your hairline by using a pair of small scissors. It is easier to cut into several parts vertically and then trim each part separately for beginners to operate. When trimming take your time and exercise caution. Seamless workmanship is built on meticulous work.

6. Prepare the wig
For flawless lace melting, there's a well-known trick: apply cosmetics foundation to the cap. Up close, it looks like your hair is growing straight out of your head.

7. Apply glue (if preferred)
Apply the accompanying adhesives to the areas where the 360 lace wig or frontal wig lace will be affixed. If you bought a wig without glue, please skip this step.

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Can You Wear A Wig Without A Cap?

Yes. You don't have to wear a wig cap. This is completely OK and will not cause harm to your natural hair. A high-quality human hair wig caps are designed to be very comfortable. For example, the wig caps of the OQ hair brand have patented designs that ensure breathability while also being able to fit your hair tightly. head. But from the perspective of a wig practitioner, we recommend you wear a wig cap. Because it acts as an isolator, it can reduce friction between your natural hair and the wig cap. It also keeps both of them hygienic since your scalp may be sweaty. Wearing a wig cap can also make your wig look more natural because the lace part of the lace wig is hollowed out and the color of the wig cap follows your natural scalp color. This makes it look like the hair is growing out of your scalp.


If you have learned it, go and try it. By following these steps carefully, you can create a secure and flat base for your wig. I believe it will bring your wig installation skills to a next new level. If you like our website, don’t forget to bookmark it. I will regularly update wig hair care knowledge and OQ Hair brand promotions. I wish you all the best!