How to Measure Head for Wig - Beginner's Guide

Do you know how to measure your head size? If you are a wig wearer, you may have heard these words. Knowing your head size is essential for wig wearer to choose the right wig size that perfectly fit you.

How to Measure Head for Wig - Beginner's Guide

Here you can know all six head size measurement. After knowing your head size, you can get it over to choose the right wig cap size, get your mannequin head, choose the right wig size, or making your custom wig.

Six Ways to Measure Your Head For Wig

how to measure head for wig

Measuring Head Circumference
Take the measuring tape and make sure it starts from zero and wrap it around your head or you can just cling to your hair edges, thus you can get the circumference size.

Measuring Front To Nape
Grab the measuring tape and go from the middle of the front hairline to the nape neck, then you can get a size.

Measuring Ear to Ear Across Forehead
Use your measuring tape to measure how far your hairline goes from ear to ear. Usually hairline stop anywhere from 13 12 11 inches long.

Ear to Ear over Top
Take the measuring tape right above your ear and drag it aross the head top and to see how long is the length to another ear.

Temple to Temple Around Back
Start on one side temple and drag it all the way around the back and stops at another temple, and you will get the measurement size.

Measure the Nape Area
Find where your hair stops in the neck, take the measuring tape and put it on one side where your hair stops and measure the length to another side.