How to Cut a Wig Into a Blunt Bob

Transforming your old wig into a blunt bob is a fantastic way to refresh your look and add a touch of modern flair. Whether you are experimenting with a new style or aiming for a timeless bob, here is a step-by-step guide on how to cut a wig into a bob effortlessly.

how to cut a wig into a bob step by step

How to Cut a Wig Into a Bob

Tools You May Need

  • Fine Tooth Parting Comb: This type of comb is used to section and part the hair accurately.
  • Hair-cutting Shears: Professional hair-cutting shears are essential for creating clean and precise cuts. Ensure that the shears are sharp for optimal results.
  • Clippers: Clippers can be used to trim and shape the hair, particularly for creating a neat and precise neckline.
  • Straightening Iron: This is used to straighten the hair before cutting, ensuring it is easier to work with and achieving a more accurate cut.
  • Tripod or Wig Stand: A tripod is used to hold the wig or hairpiece in an upright position. This helps to prevent any tilting or uneven cuts.
Step-by-steps Instruction

STEP 1- Start by ensuring that the wig is completely straight. You can do this by using a straightening iron to remove any waves or curls. Straightening the hair will help you achieve a more accurate and precise cut.

STEP 2- Set up your tripod in an upright position to ensure that it is perfectly straight. This will prevent any uneven cuts. Adjust the wig so that it lays flush on the tripod without any pulling or bunching. This will ensure that the final cut looks even and natural.

STEP 3-Begin by clipping up the hair in small sections. This will give you better control and prevent any accidental cuts.

STEP 4-Decide on the length of the shortest layer of your bob. Use a rat-tail comb to part the hair and determine where you want the shortest layer to fall. Usually, it is about half an inch lower than the actual head.

STEP 5-Hold the hair at the desired length and cut it using your clippers or shears. It is recommended to cut a little bit lower than your desired length to allow room for adjustments later.

STEP 6-Continue cutting one to two tracks at a time, working from the bottom towards the top. Each section should be cut approximately a centimeter lower than the previous section. This will create a gradual lengthening effect.

STEP 7-Comb out each section before cutting to make sure the hair is smooth and ready to be cut. Trim any stray hairs that were missed in previous cuts.

STEP 8-Follow the line created by the previous cuts, cutting each section to the desired length. Use your clippers to achieve a clean and precise cut. Comb through the hair again to ensure it is all going straight down. This will prevent any unevenness in the final cut.

STEP 9-Double-check for any uneven parts by combing the hair sideways. It should all blend together smoothly, without any visible bumps or uneven sections.

STEP 10-Once you are satisfied with the length and shape of the bob, you can lightly bump the ends under. This will give the bob a sleek and polished finish. Check the front and make sure the lengths are even and aligned. The bob should have a consistent length all around.

STEP 11-Finally, do a tilt test. Tilt the wig to different angles and observe if the bob still maintains its shape. It should not appear choppy or uneven.

Extra Tips for Cutting a Perfect Bob Wig

1. Take your time: Cutting a bob requires precision, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to work on it. Rushing can lead to uneven cuts and mistakes.

2. Start with small sections: Instead of trying to cut all the hair at once, work in small, manageable sections. This will give you better control and allow for more precise cuts.

3. Use sharp, professional tools: Invest in high-quality hair cutting shears and clippers. Sharp tools will give you cleaner cuts and help create a sleek bob.

4. Comb and section the hair properly: Before making any cuts, comb out the hair to ensure it is tangle-free and smooth. Section the hair using clips or hair ties to keep it organized while cutting.

5. Trim ends in small increments: When trimming the ends, do so in small increments rather than cutting off large chunks. This will give you more control over the length and help prevent mistakes.

6. Follow the previous cut line: As you move from section to section, use the previous cut line as your guide. This will ensure a consistent and even length throughout the bob.

7. Pay attention to the neckline: The neckline is an important aspect of a bob, so take extra care when shaping it. Use your clippers or shears to create a clean and precise line.

8. Utilize a mirror: Have a mirror available so you can check the bob from different angles. This will help you identify any unevenness or areas that need adjustment.

Final Words

Cutting a wig into a bob opens up a world of styling possibilities. With the right tools, careful planning, and a bit of creativity, you can achieve a fabulous bob that complements your personality and enhances your overall look.