How To Create And Style Your Baby Hair

Have you ever heard of baby hair? If you really like wigs with baby hair, do you know how to create beautiful baby hair on your wigs? If you don't know, it's okay. This article will take you to understand what baby hair is and how to create a beautiful baby hair. Let's get started!

What you will learn from this article

1.What Is Baby Hair?
2.The Benefits Of Baby Hair
3.How To Create Your Baby Hair?
4.Which Kind Of Baby Hair Your Can Style?

What Is Baby Hair?

Baby hair refers to the thinner, shorter, and softer hair that exists at the front of the hairline. There are many lace front wigs with baby hair on the market now, but in fact, these small hairs often appear on our natural hair, and their presence can make the entire hair look more natural.
With the popularity of baby hair, more and more people not only see it as a small configuration that makes wigs look more natural, but they even create various beautiful shapes based on baby hair, making it a beautiful trend.

baby hair

The Benefits Of Baby Hair

Create a natural hairline
The presence of baby hair directly elevates the naturalness of the hairline to another level. Even if your hairline may not look so natural, the presence of baby hair can shift everyone's attention from the awkward edges of the hairline to the beautiful baby hair.

Make the junction between lace and skin more natural
When you wear a lace wig, there may be color differences due to uneven edges and corners of the lace or when the lace of the purchased lace wig is not very high-quality HD lace, which can make the connection between the lace and the skin less natural. However, the presence of baby hair naturally helps us transition the intersection between lace and skin, making it difficult for others to see any flaws.

Fashion booster
Baby hair is like a unique hair accessory, it can embellish your wig, making it look more fashionable and eye-catching. Not only can different forms of baby hair play different roles in modifying face shape. Baby hair is a fashion booster that creates a fashionable look for you.

baby hair

How To Create Your Baby Hair?

1.Separate baby hair
In order to better proceed with the subsequent steps, it is best to separate the baby hair from the remaining hair before processing it. This will not accidentally trim the hair in other areas, but will also make you more aware of how to handle the baby hair. We can use a mouse tail comb to select these baby hair, then separate them from other hair, and determine the amount and position of baby hair according to your own preferences.

2.Cut baby hair
We know that some wigs have already been pre-plucked baby hair, but there are also some that are not providing. If you want to create baby hair on these wigs without baby hair, then you need to cut the front end of your wig hairline because baby hair is a relatively short pile of small fluff, so you can trim it from both sides of the hairline or the location where you want to create baby hair. You can also modify the length of the baby hair according to your preferences

3.Wet baby hair
In order to better shape the baby hair, we need to wet the baby hair first. We can spray water on the baby hair with a small watering can, or use wig styling gel or some shaping spray to wet the baby hair.

4.Brush baby hair
After wetting the baby hair, we need to quickly use a small brush to shape the baby hair while it is still wet. You can create baby hair according to your personal preferences, but if you don't have too many requirements for the shape of baby hair and just want your wig to look more natural, you can gently smooth your baby hair with your fingers.

5.Tie your hair with a head scarf
Just like fixing the lace with glue, we also need to make the baby hair dry smoothly. Using a head scarf to fix these baby hair is not only beneficial for their fixation, but also to prevent them from curling up during the drying process. After tying the head scarf, wait for about an hour for the baby hair to completely dry before you can remove the head scarf.

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Which Kind Of Baby Hair Your Can Style?

Baby hair is like another small wig, you can create different styles of baby hair like you would a wig. Here are several baby hair styles to choose from:

This baby hair style may be a bit exaggerated for daily use, but if you are attending performances or queuing, this baby hair will definitely shine in front of those who see you. The baby hair in the Swirls style is both elegant and playful, making it a very fashionable style.

Water wave
The water wave baby hair is like its name, and its shape is like the appearance when the gentle breeze beats the waves on the beach, with a unique natural beauty. This style is very beautiful and can also better decorate your face shape, making it a good choice.

This is a very natural baby hair shape, very suitable for daily dressing, fashionable while not appearing too exaggerated. The side-part baby hair doesn't look a bit stiff like the center-half.

This baby hair doesn't require too much processing, just comb it like other parts of the hair. The appearance it presents is like not specially dressed but with a touch of refinement, very natural, and definitely the best baby hair shape in daily life.

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Ending Word

After reading this article, do you understand the importance of baby hair? And how to create fashionable baby hair? I hope this article can be helpful to you, allowing you to use baby hair to create more colorful and beautiful styles.