How To Choose A Color Wig

If you want to make a big change to your hairstyle, how about choosing a color wig that suits you? But with so many colors, you don't know which color to choose? Please don’t feel worry, this article will help you choose the right color wig, let's work together to create this brand new you!


Things To Consider Before Choosing A Color Wig

Skin tone
Skin tone is the first issue to consider when considering which color to choose for the color wig, because skin tone is like the paper used in painting, and the background color of the paper will affect whether the paint is warm or cold during the entire painting process.
Skin tone can be divided into warm tones represented by yellow, red, or peach, and cool tones represented by pink, blue, or violet. Warm skin tones will match well with cool tone hair colors, while cool skin tones will match well with warm tone hair colors.
The most accurate and direct way to identify skin tone is to find a professional color matching specialist. They usually ask you to clean your face and put a white cloth on your head to judge skin tone. In this case, if your skin tone looks yellow, your skin tone is warm, and if your skin tone looks blue, your skin tone is cold.
Of course, you can also identify your own skin tone by observing your vein color. If the vein color is green, your skin tone will be warm, and if the vein color is blue or purple, your skin tone will be cold.

Eye color
Eye color, like skin color, is also a very important factor to consider when selecting color wigs.
Eyes are a very beautiful part of us, with a variety of colors. As is common, light brown will go well with black hair, dark brown will go well with most dark warm tones of hair, light green will go well with dark brown hair, and light blue will go well with most light tone hair. Wearing cosmetic contact lenses has become popular now, which also gives us more options for matching.

The reason why age is also an important factor in choosing color wig is mainly because it affects our skin color. As we age, our skin colors will become more cold toned, which will make us more suitable for light hair colors.
Never stop pursuing beauty just because of age, it's just that we may have different beauties that belong to us at different times.

Colors have a temperature, just like the four seasons. Different seasons have different temperatures and landscapes, which can bring people different feelings.
In spring and summer, more people choose hair colors with bright colors or multiple color combinations because they make people feel lively and vivacious, just like the feeling spring and summer bring to us. In autumn and winter, people tend to choose dark or light monochrome hair colors or simple color combinations because they give a calm and gentle feeling just like autumn and winter give us.

Color can change a person's temperament and feel, so you can choose the color of a wig based on your desired style.
When you want to create a cool girl's style, you can choose cool tone hair colors; When you want to create a sunny and cute style, you can choose bright and warm hair colors; When you want to create a gentle style, you can choose light hair colors with lower saturation; When you want to create a noble and elegant style, you can choose dark hair colors.


Which Kind of Color Wig You Can Choose ?

#613 blonde wig
This is a very common color for hair, as it is very versatile, making it a great choice when you want to choose a lighter hair color. The #613 blonde wig will make you look very noble but not overly exaggerated, making it perfect for wearing at parties and proms.

Skunk stripe wig
This skunk stripe wig is named after its unique color scheme, which resembles the fur pattern of a skunk. This type of color wig is usually composed of two colors with significant differences. The lighter color is often used as a highlight on the front end of the hair, while the darker color is often presented as the base color. Some classic pairing is honey blonde & brown, light pink & brown, blonde & ginger orange, green & black and so on. This color wig will make people impressing, you can choose your favorite color combination to create your own skunk stripe wig.

Highlight wig
Some people also refer to highlight wig as Piano color wig because its dyeing method is like the keys of a piano, where the two colors alternate back and forth like keys. This is a natural but slightly lively hair color, with the most classic color combination being # 4 / # 27.

99j burgundy wig
The color of 99j burgundy wig is as charming and noble as red wine. Because this color belongs to the dark hair color system, it can make people feel both charming and stable, giving them a balanced and just right beauty.

Ginger & orange wig
This ginger & orange wig is a warm colored hair color that makes the wearer look very enthusiastic and lively. Although it belongs to a relatively bright hair color, it does not explode like fluorescent color, giving people a gentle and warm feeling.


Ending Word

The above are just a small reference for choosing color wigs, and everyone can have their own specific choices.
In this era, beauty can no longer be limited to certain frameworks. The only one who can define beauty is yourself.
Please never be afraid to be yourself. Be yourself. Be beautiful.